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AttendeeNancy Conforti

What an accomplishment. We enjoyed it soooooooooooooo much. Can't imagine the challenge. Am saving the program and rereading that beautiful poetry.

Thank you

Nancy and Tom

AttendeeKathryn Price

Dear singing friends,

OUTSTANDING, AMAZING, THRILLING, MOVING, JOYFUL, INSPIRING, AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL!!! I could go on and on with superlatives to tell you how wonderful your Tower Chorale concert was yesterday!! It is hard to believe that a group of good but non-professional singers, who practice once a week starting in September, could have mastered that wonderful but challenging music!! All of the soloists were so spot on! The orchestra was amazing and I can only imagine how thrilled you all were when you finally got together with them to get the whole effect of those wonderful rhythms and instrumental textures.

I have to admit that I was disappointed to learn that you were not doing a Christmas Concert this year (my favorite), but yesterday’s concert made up for it many times over. Thank you so much for providing such a thrilling afternoon!!

Gratefully, Kathryn


I didn’t want the program to end…!


I'm so glad we went to the concert last night.  In the first half, Shenandoah  has always been one of my favorites (ever since high school), and I often play it with improvised versions on the piano, just for enjoyment.  The folk songs from the late 60's have always rung true to me -- Where Have All the Flowers Gone andSound of Silence, especially.  I have really liked This Land is Your Land ever since I heard Bruce Springsteen's rendition on a 1980's album.  The choral arrangements and variations from the original were interesting, too.  The program relaxed me after a very busy, rushed week.

AttendeeClarice and Bill

Just want to let you and Bonnie know that we thoroughly enjoyed your concert last night.  Voices, instrumental, quality of performance was great! And I loved watching your director.....he just exudes music and the love he has for it, which in turn reflects to you all. Thanks so much for getting the tickets for us and inviting us! 

AttendeeFriend of the Tower

Wow, wow, wow!!!  The concert blew us away!  (I should have brought more kleenex!). Sue and my sister (Rudy) and I were treated to an awesome choir of passionate, clear, beautifully rehearsed voices (of angels)!

AttendeeKathryn Price

Hi Tower Chorale lovelies,
I was soooo proud of all of you this afternoon! The concert was beautiful and interesting, and your solos were so perfectly right! That was a very challenging collection of music with the Spanish texts, rhythms and vocal demands!! I was grateful for the translations, and also glad when you sang some things in English, but enjoyed the creative arrangements of those wonderful songs. That may be the biggest Tower Chorale we've seen in a while! Because I've been flirting with a cold we sat way in the back so we could sit with some space around us (not wanting to share my germs with others). so I couldn't see very well. I like to be up closer as a rule, but the sound was excellent way to the back. How did all of you feel about the new location. It was a pleasant setting from the stand point of the audience. I was also soooo proud of Jason. I didn't find the names of the instrumentalist until the very end. I was hoping it was him playing the guitar----and it was! I hope his Music Club connections helped him get the job. Thanks for a wonderful musical treat this afternoon.

Cough and sneeze,
Kathryn Price


The concert was WONDERFUL!  Thanks so much for that fun treat...a nice walk down memory lane for me. With the exception of 2 of the Stephen Foster ones, all were fresh in my memory bank.  Nice arrangements and good vocals!  Most enjoyable and most appreciated!


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