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Friday, February 26, 2016

So much is new! For starters, you’ve already found your way to our updated website, and here there are many more bells and whistles than the one you may have visited in the past.

We are now mobile-friendly, so you can easily see what the Tower Chorale is up to without having to squint your eyes. And while you’re here you can view and listen to many more Tower Chorale musical selections, those from the past and more recent ones.

If you want to buy tickets to our performances, it’s super easy to do so. Want to make a donation to our talented group? You can do that here, too! How about those fabulous CDs that were previously available to buy only at performances? You can now order them through this site.

If your business would like to support the Tower Chorale, you will now get exposure on our Supporters page, where your logo will be posted for all to see.

Of course, if you’re wondering what our group has planned, you can see a full calendar of Tower Chorale happenings throughout the entire season.

Plus, there’s this blog that you’re looking at right now. Coming soon, you’ll be able to learn interesting tidbits about our history, and to read other music and arts-related stories.

Stay tuned…we’re just getting started.

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